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Helpful Resources To Enhance Your Walk With God

Whether you are a first time guest, a new believer, or have attended our church for years, we want to share some of our favorite resources to help you continue to grow. Here you can listen to sermons from our pastor Brian, read various discipleship approaches, or download resources on topics like church planting, worship and spending time with God. Please feel free to contact a Lifegroup leader or member of our staff if you have any questions or want to dig deeper on any of these topics.

Sermon Series Resources

  • Part One: The Father's Invitation to Intimacy
    7/15/2018   Handouts   Video
  • Part Two: Challenges to Hearing God
    7/22/2018  Handouts    Video
  • Part Three: Overcoming Wounds and Lies
    7/29/2018  Handouts    Video
  • Part Four: Tending Your Heart
    8/5/2018    Handouts    Video

Online Bibles

BibleGateway   Crosswalk  Biblia   ESV Bible

Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Lessons (These can be used to take a new Christian through 7 core beliefs for all followers of Jesus)

Seven Steps to Freedom (Great to take new Christians through for greater freedom in Christ)

Resources That Can Be Used During Your Devotional Times

Suggestions on Spending Time With God

Alone with God Devotional Booklet  (Put together by our sending church, Antioch Community Church)

1 Year Bible Reading Plan

Bible Memory Plan (By

God The Father Scriptures

God The Son Scriptures

God The Holy Spirit Scriptures

Family Devotional  (Blog Post from Antioch Community Church)

Proud versus Broken People (Being broken before Jesus is one of the most sure ways to allowing Him full access to your life. This lists some of the differences between proud and broken people.)

Who Am I In Christ? (This is a great tool to help develop a better understanding of who you are in Christ)

Why we Pray and Fast (Article by Jimmy Seibert, Senior Pastor of our sending church, Antioch Community Church)

Other Resources

DE-logging Exercise (Written by Jonathan Gulley and based on Matthew 7:3-5 & Luke 6:41-42, which are powerful instructions from Jesus’ teachings on how to evaluate yourself before looking to take a chisel and shape others.)

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (A tool developed by our sending organization, AMI, to help you assess your strengths and gifts in order to more fully understand the passions or dreams that God has given you, and effectively utilize them in the Body of Christ.)

Healthy Best Practices For Life (Article from Antioch Community Church's blog about some suggested best practices for a healthy heart, soul and mind)

Antioch International Movement Resource Guide (Articles and training guides on everything from church planting, to ministry philosophy, or to leading a lifegroup)