ACC Beverly Lifegroups in Beverly

UPDATE: In a proactive effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and in keeping with the guidance and directives given by our state and local leaders, we will be suspending all in-person gatherings hosted by Antioch Beverly (including small groups) until gathering is once again approved, we will keep you notified of any changes in status.

Lifegroups Are The Heartbeat Of Our Church

The earliest Christians met together in homes, sharing meals and possessions, loving God and each other, and always welcoming newcomers (Acts 2:42-47).  At Antioch Community Church in Beverly we embrace this as our model for Christian community.  To follow it, we build and support small group meetings in homes throughout Beverly and the surrounding neighborhoods.  These small groups are called Lifegroups, and they are what we consider to be the heart of our church.

Lifegroups are a great way to connect with God and with other people at Antioch Beverly.  In each Lifegroup meeting there are times for prayer, worship and Bible study as well as times for fellowship and building friendships.  Our Lifegroups are open to all, and visitors are always welcome.  Take a look at our current Lifegroups below. There sure is one you can connect with!

We Have Four Core Values For Our Lifegroups

Word-Centered…we submit to Jesus by honoring and obeying His Word as we are empowered by His grace.

Presence-Based…we eagerly desire the Holy Spirit’s activity as we partner with God in prayer, worship, and the practice of spiritual gifts.

Kingdom-Relationships…we pursue authentic fellowship by humbly and sacrificially choosing to love and relate to one another God’s way.

Mission-Focused…we embrace the call to be disciple-makers of all people as we reproduce our lives and ministry while compassionately caring for others and introducing them to the Good News of Jesus.

Our Lifegroups Have Gone Virtual!

In this season it is ever important to remain connected. First in our walk with the Lord and asking ourselves how we are engaging with Him daily, and second with each other (our families, friends, neighbors).

Please join us to connect and share life, discuss scripture, and spend time in prayer together. We'd love to see all your lovely faces, so.... get your video's all ready and set yourselves up in a spot with good lighting, a delicious snack, your favorite chair/couch/whatever and a bible!

If you are interested in attending a virtual lifegroup please email the designated contact person of the Lifegroup that you wish to attend (days and times are listed for each Lifegroup). The Lifegroup leader will share virtual meeting links.


Staying Connected Tutorial // An Antioch Movement Resource for Lifegroup Leaders



Lifegroups For Families And People Of All Ages


We desire to see the book of Acts come alive by devoting ourselves to consistent fellowship, prayer and growth. Our intention is to see people come into deeper relationship with Christ and increase in passion for Him and His purposes.

Antioch Community Church in Beverly's Lifegroup ministry is a great place to see your life transformed by the presence of Christ as we experience Him together in community.

When We Meet:


*On break for the Summer! Resume date TBD - stay tuned!

Sundays from 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Open to all, especially families.

Knowing Christ and making Him known. Every month, we spend 3 weeks getting to know Christ and then 1 week making Him known through community service, supporting local kids in foster care as well as their social workers, spending time with the elderly, and serving people who are homeless. Come join the adventure of living for Christ with us!

Contact Info: For virtual meeting link or for more information please contact Travis.



*On break for the Summer! Resume date TBD - stay tuned!

Mondays from 7:30pm - 9:00pm
All are welcome

We'll be walking through a topical study of community focusing mostly on the book of Acts. We want to live out that community through this life group and enable intergenerational connections in the church!

Contact Info: For virtual meeting link or for more information please contact Liz



*On break for the Summer! Resume date TBD - stay tuned!

Mondays from 8:00pm - 9:30pm
All adults are welcome

We spend time together in fellowship, in God's word, and in prayer.

Contact Info: For virtual meeting link or for more information please contact Katie.


*On break for the Summer! Resume date TBD - stay tuned!

Wednesdays from 7:30pm - 9:00pm
All are welcome

Getting to know the character and person of God by learning about His different names in scripture. We will be using a study called "Names of God".

Contact Info: For virtual meeting link or for more information please contact Ruth 

College Lifegroups


We believe that being loved changes everything! It’s our hope that you experience the deep, abiding love of Jesus as you walk in intimate friendship with Him during your years in college, and we want to help you do that. Join us as we relate to each other and with God, study Scripture, and respond to His voice.

When We Meet:


Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm
Open to all college students!
Led by Ross Light and Aaron Verbosky

College Lifegroup is a space to connect with other college students, worship the Lord, and study Scripture in community. We have a heavy emphasis on prayer and the presence of God, and believe that everyone can grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord.

Email Ross or Aaron for more information!

Check out our facebook page for more events: College Life @ Antioch Beverly

Men's Lifegroups

When We Meet:


Alternating Tuesdays @ 7:45 pm*
*please contact Dan Ashley as days and times may change
Open to men of all ages.

How are you? What is God doing in your life? How can we pray for you? These questions form the basis of our group.

We focus on being the body for each other by answering them, and then enjoying each other's company.

Contact Info: For Zoom meeting link or for more information please contact Dan

Women's Lifegroups


We desire to impact our culture for Jesus, and that begins with worshiping God, knowing His word, and being transformed by His Spirit. We will grow together through sharing our lives, investing in our communities, and praying for people around the world.

When We Meet:


We do not have a Women's Lifegroup meeting at this time. If you are interested in leading a group please email Jade Carlson.