ACC Beverly Lifegroups in Beverly

Lifegroups Are The Heartbeat Of Our Church

The earliest Christians met together in homes, sharing meals and possessions, loving God and each other, and always welcoming newcomers (Acts 2:42-47).  At Antioch Community Church in Beverly we embrace this as our model for Christian community.  To follow it, we build and support small group meetings in homes throughout Beverly and the surrounding neighborhoods.  These small groups are called Lifegroups, and they are what we consider to be the heart of our church.

Lifegroups are a great way to connect with God and with other people at Antioch Beverly.  In each Lifegroup meeting there are times for prayer, worship and Bible study as well as times for fellowship and building friendships.  Our Lifegroups are open to all, and visitors are always welcome.  Take a look at our current Lifegroups below. There sure is one you can connect with!

We Have Four Core Values For Our Lifegroups

Word-Centered…we submit to Jesus by honoring and obeying His Word as we are empowered by His grace.

Presence-Based…we eagerly desire the Holy Spirit’s activity as we partner with God in prayer, worship, and the practice of spiritual gifts.

Kingdom-Relationships…we pursue authentic fellowship by humbly and sacrificially choosing to love and relate to one another God’s way.

Mission-Focused…we embrace the call to be disciple-makers of all people as we reproduce our lives and ministry while compassionately caring for others and introducing them to the Good News of Jesus.

Lifegroups For Families And People Of All Ages

As a ministry for our families with children and older adults, we desire to see the book of Acts come alive by devoting ourselves to consistent fellowship, prayer and growth.

Our intention is to see people come into deeper relationship with Christ and increase in passion for Him and His purposes.

Antioch Community Church in Beverly's Lifegroup ministry is a great place to see your life transformed by the presence of Christ as we experience Him together in community.


Sundays from 3:30 - 5:00pm
Starting 1/13/2019

All are welcome.
Led by the Gray family & Puz family.

A family of believers growing in Christlikeness to make an impact individually, communally, and globally.

Contact Joe for more information/address.



Sundays from 12:30 - 2:30pm
@ the Shultz's House
Starting 9/9/2018 - May

Open to all, especially families.
Led by Travis & Rachel Shultz.

Knowing Christ and making Him Known. How do we do this as families?
Kids welcome at our house every week!
1st Sunday: women will meet while men watch the kids.
2nd Sunday: men meet while women watch the kids.
3rd Sunday: men and women meet while babysitters watch the kids.
4th Sunday: community time (with kids).
5th Sunday: no lifegroup.

Contact Travis for more information/address.
If driveways are full, please park on Tall Tree Lane.
BYO Lunch!



Wednesdays from 6:30pm - 8:00pm
@ Pete and Ana Daniel's House
Starting on 1/10/19

We will be studying the book of Nehemiah, worshipping, and enjoying time together.

Open to men, women, & college students.
Led by Pete Daniels, Sean Brennan, & Liz Ball.

Contact Pete Daniels for more information/address.



Wednesdays at 7:30pm
@ the D'Onofrio's House
Starting on 1/23/19

Open to adults. Couples or singles of any age.

The focus of the group is to gather together to worship, pray and share life and community.
Facilitated by Nicolas & Julia D'Onofrio.

Contact Nic & Julia for more information/address.



Thursdays from 5:15-7:00pm
@ the YMCA - 245 Cabot St. Beverly
Starting on 9/20/2018

Open to adults.
Led by Mark Gray & Renee McCauley

Chatting, Sharing, Lesson, Prayer, Dinner.
We provide dinner & drinks for the residents and work through a lesson about Jesus.

Location details: We meet on the 3rd floor of the Beverly YMCA, and you need to be let in by a resident. Please arrive by 5:15pm.

Parking is located in the back on Church Street.

Contact Mark Gray for more information.



Fridays at 6:30
@ Mark Gray's House
Starting on 2/22/2019

Open to adults.
Led by Mark Gray, Renee McCauley, & Elizabeth.

Each week we will talk about and pray for a specific nation and gospel efforts there. We will begin the evening by sharing a meal from the nation of focus for the week! If you are able to, please plan to contribute toward the cost of the meal.

Contact Renee or Mark Gray for more information.



Saturdays at 7:45-9:00pm
@ The Carlson's House
Starting on 4/06/2019

Open to adults.
Led by Brian and Jade Carlson.

Contact Brian or Jade for more information/address.

College Lifegroup

Where And When We Meet


Wednesdays from 6:30 - 7:00pm
@ Gordon College
Chase Hall Basement - Room B30

Open to all college students!

We believe that being loved changes everything! It’s our hope that you experience the deep, abiding love of Jesus as you walk in intimate friendship with Him during your years in college, and we want to help you do that. Join us as we relate to each other and with God, study Scripture, and respond to His voice.

Email Caleb Bae or Michaela Savell for more information!

Check out our facebook page for more events: College Life @ Antioch Beverly

Men's Lifegroup

Where And When We Meet


Alternating Wednesdays @ 7:45 pm
@ Dan Ashley's House

Open to men of all ages.

How are you? What is God doing in your life? How can we pray for you?
These questions form the basis of our group.

We focus on being the body for each other by answering them, and then enjoying each other's company around a fire.

Led by: Daniel Ashley

For more information please contact Dan

Women's Lifegroup And Bible Study

We desire to impact our culture for Jesus, and that begins with worshiping God, knowing His word, and being transformed by His Spirit. We will grow together through sharing our lives, investing in our communities, and praying for people around the world.

Where And When We Meet


Wednesdays from 9:00-11:30am
@ Julie Vance's home in Topsfield
Starting 9/26/2018

Open to moms and their children.
Kids are welcome and babysitting costs will be divided among moms.
We will be following the study "Loving Your Husband" by Cynthia Heald.

Please email Sara Booth for address or more information.