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Compass Children's Church

Pointing each child to life’s true North, Jesus.

Compass classrooms are dynamic and fun environments where kids can encounter God, be discipled, and be trained to live on mission. Each Sunday, your child will learn about the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in a creative and age-appropriate way. The lessons are fun and approachable and are taught by committed volunteers who love to serve Jesus by serving you and your kids. We also want to equip parents to help their kids grow in their relationship with Jesus throughout the week.

We believe God designed your home to be the center of your children’s spiritual development.  You have the awesome responsibility and opportunity to be the most influential person in your children’s lives!  We encourage all parents to cultivate family devotional times in their homes, and model Christian faith for your kids. First and foremost, we desire parents to be growing in their own personal relationship with God, and to become secure in your identity in Christ.

We encourage you to make every effort to stay connected in small groups (lifegroup, accountability, or discipleship groups) as we believe this is an effective way to spur you on in your personal relationship with God. This centers your life and enables you to pour into your children from a place of confidence in your identity.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

*Please note that due to COVID-19 we will be suspending all in-person gatherings. We are providing the following resources so that you may have your own version of Compass at home! Please see the below "Suggested Lesson Plans" in our "Online Resources For Parents" section of the website. If you have any questions please email our Compass Ministry Leader.


Compass Ministry Leaders

We are here to worship Jesus and to serve you parents.  Our staff is made up of volunteer adults who are committed to making Antioch a great place for families.  

  • Contact our Compass DirectorBen Hanchett, with general questions or comments.
  • Parents with questions specific to children pre-K and older may contact our Compass Classroom CoordinatorJonathan Neil.

Online Resources for Parents

Our Compass Director Ben Hanchett has graciously taken the time to provide resources for families so that you can be equipped to have your very own, at home, Compass Children's Ministry session! Each week Ben will provide a suggested lesson plan with interactive activities that are age-appropriate. We hope that these will be times of Christ-centered encouragement for you and your children. Please know that there is no pressure whatsoever to use any of these resources but we wanted to share some ideas just in case you were looking for additional ways to engage your kids with the Lord.

Have a Testimony? we would love to hear how things are going specifically as it relates to engaging kids with Jesus. Consider sending Ben a short testimony about your experience or one of your children's experiences. Please note that we will not share any testimony publicly unless we have first asked permission.
Antioch Kids Resources (from Waco):
There is now a structured worksheet that you can print out and have your child fill in as they follow along with the Antioch Kids Service. This is a tool to help make the videos more engaging as it makes things a little more interactive. Links to the worksheet (front and back) can be found below:
Other Resources:
Ben has recommended some new resources for you this week that are age and developmentally appropriate (note: they are listed differently as "Preschool", "Elementary" and "Pre-Teen"). These resources are awesome as they include parent tips, activities that are based upon the theme in each short video, can be done at anytime, and are age specific while focusing on Jesus.
The link below will bring you to "Parent Cue" where you can find all of the age specific videos and activity guides:
Memory Verse Challenge:
Attention families! Have you had a chance to work on this month’s memory verse challenge? Submit a short video of your kids reciting the verse to and your video may appear in next month's Compass Newsletter!